How to Customize Your Products

How to Customize Your Products

Editing a Product's details is easy to do and can be done with just a few steps! 

1. First, please go to and login on the left.

2. Go to the "Products" Page and place your cursor over a product you would like to edit. You can see from the image below that you can choose to edit, delete, or view your product. Press "Edit" to navigate to your product details page. 

3. The products details page should appear like the image below if you've navigated correctly.

4. Follow the Product Page Feature guide below to thoroughly customize your product. The important things to watch are the Title, Price, Category, Forms, and Description settings. Take a look below for descriptions of each:

5. An Important thing to remember here is that for UpScale Fulfilled products, if you go below the price of fulfillment, you still receive a invoice from us for the full amount. You will be in the negative and you would see a warning like below if this happens. 

Hint: You can choose to set the checkout price as below the cost of fulfillment in order complete a number of situational tasks. Some of these are:

1. To take split payments from your client. In the situation that your client does not want to pay the full total of the project upfront you are capable of setting your price to a lower amount to have the client purchase at this rate. Keep in mind that in order for Upscale to fulfill the work for you Upscale will still send the invoice for the full price of fulfillment. 

2. The client is not ready to pay. If your client is not ready to pay you can set the price of the product to $0 and they can fill out the form to get started. When this happens the full invoice from Upscale will be sent to your account. Then, whenever you accept payment from the client, you can proceed with paying the invoice from Upscale and proceeding with having your fulfillment completed. 

Support is always happy to help with code or any questions you have. Search our documentation, contact support, or connect with our sales team.

Email Support:

Website Support Center:

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